Top Rated Dentist

Top Rated Dentist


Free Parking

Free Parking

We provide our patients with parking, that is free of charge no matter the length of your visit with us!


Experienced Dentists

Experienced Dentists

We provide experienced and personalised dental services for a healthier, happier experience. Get in touch today!


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Smile Now, Pay Later

With Afterpay you can purchase our dental services now and pay later - interest-free as long as you pay on time.


Exceptional Results

Exceptional Results

Caring Dental Team is committed to providing our patients with high quality professional dental services.


About Caring Dental Team

Our vision at Caring Dental Team is to make a difference in our patient’s lives and deliver high quality dentistry whilst balancing patient comfort and care. We care deeply about all of our patients and seek to maintain our patient’s dental health to the best of our ability. Everyone on our team treats our patients as if they were our own family members and treat patients accordingly. Caring Dental Team is committed to providing our patients with high quality, friendly professional services as well as the opportunity to supply our patients with personalised treatment plans.

We have proudly served the local community for over 25 years and have seen over three generations of patients of all ages. Our ultimate goal is to educate, inspire and develop long-term relationships with our patients who are proud to be a part of our family. The team demonstrates the highest level of empathy, care and respect for each other and our family of amazing patients. Our goal is to improve that status of our patient’s oral health, one mouth at a time.

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6 Reasons to Choose Us

We always aim to make every appointment as seamless, educational and comfortable as possible for every single patient who walks through our doors. No patient leaves our clinic confused or unsure about their treatment plan.

High-Quality Service

We pride ourselves on treating our patients as if they were our own family and we make decisions about their treatment accordingly. Being “family orientated” means we understand how important it is for the entire family to really love their dentist.

High Quality Materials

Our surgery uses the highest quality of materials, from certified suppliers that have passed quality control processes, in order to achieve the most effective results for our patients. Good materials allow for more accurate work, make complications less frequent and allow for a more aesthetic look and lasting results compared to work done with poor equipment and materials.

Infection Control

At Caring Dental Team, we are proud of our high standards of infection control as well as the fantastic hygiene measures that we have in place in order to maintain proper infection control practices within our surgery. All of our team is trained and constantly being retrained using the most current and efficient techniques for infection control as outlined by the Australian Dental Association.

Instant claims for Private Health Insurance & AfterPay

Our surgery has a HICAPS machine installed. This means that we will be able to process your claim instantly so it saves the hassle of having to claim manually. This makes your visit as easy, fast and more convenient for you.

100% child friendly dentist

Our warm team and highly experienced dentists strive to deliver exceptional oral health care to children of all age’s whist providing a positive atmosphere. Our goal at Caring Dental Team is to go to great measures to encourage dental health from a young age and showing that it is easy and fun as well as rewarding them for their bravery.

Top Rated Dentist

We have had over 100 patients share their five-star experience at our practice on Google and social media! If you’re looking for a first-rate dentist with plenty of expertise, make an appointment at Caring Dental Team today!

A Full Range of Dental Services

Our vision at Caring Dental Team is to make a difference in our patient’s lives and deliver high quality dentistry whilst balancing patient comfort and care.

Teeth Cleaning

Having regular six monthly cleans is extremely important for your teeth and gums health. If a dental clean is not performed regularly a buildup of calculus and tartar will form and you may develop gum disease.
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Teeth whitening is a dental procedure where the goal of the treatment is to remove discoloured shades or staining from the enamel of the tooth, our dental clinic provides two different options to lighten your teeth.
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In our clinic, we provide composite fillings that are the same colour as your natural teeth and are more cosmetically appealing compared to amalgam (metal) fillings.
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If you are someone that has concerns about the spaces between your teeth, crowding, crooked or an uneven bite then braces may be an option for you.
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Invisalign or clear aligners are a transparent plastic tray that is placed over the teeth, they must be worn all the time except for when you are brushing, eating or drinking anything except for water, at least a total of 22 hours per day.
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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a treatment performed to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.
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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the very last set of teeth that come out around the age of 16-25, some people also call it the third pair of molars. Not everyone develops wisdom teeth, most people that do have wisdom teeth do experience complications with them.
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A crown is a custom-made porcelain protective layer that goes over the natural tooth. A crown is recommended if you have a weakened tooth from either decay, large fracture or if the tooth has had Root canal treatment, it helps to make the tooth stronger and prevent it from breaking further.
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Child Friendly Dentist

We teach children from a very young age that it is easy and fun to maintain good oral health.

Meet Our Dentists

Our dental team deals with all facets of general dentistry, with a particular focus on preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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Proudly serving local areas such as Wetherill Park, Prairiewood, Bossley Park, Abbotsbury, Edensor park, Greenfield Park, Bonnyrigg Heights, Mount Pritchard, St. John’s Park, Wakeley, Fairfield West and Canley Heights,

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We provide our patients with parking, that is free of charge no matter the length of your visit with us!

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Questions & Answers

Why am I experiencing tooth pain?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, there are a variety of reasons why it could be happening. For example, tooth decay, nerve damage, unhappy gums or in desperate need of a clean. The best thing to do in this situation is book an appointment to see one of our amazing dentists so we can come up with a personalised treatment plan for you that gets you pain relief as soon as physically possible.

I do not like the way my teeth look! What are some treatment options that can fix their appearance?

We have a variety of cosmetic treatments available for you at our practice whether you are interested in straightening or whitening. If you have missing teeth and wanted to fill the gaps, then a dental bridge or implant could work for you. There are so many different possibilities available to suit both your budget as well as your goals. Give our team a call to book your consultation appointment now, you’ll be one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always dreamt of!

How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend getting your general maintenance clean done with us every 6 months. Not only does it give you a nice and shiny smile but it also is important because calculus cannot be brushed off with your toothbrush and if left too long can cause cavities and gum disease.

It also allows us to act quickly if we find something concerning, rather than leaving it and having to get a more complex treatment. If it does become more complicated it can cost you more money and time and no one wants that!

What toothbrush and toothpaste are best recommended for me to use at home?

Toothbrush: Whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush, the softer the bristles, the better. Harder bristled toothbrushes can actually cause damage to your gums, tooth enamel and root surface.

Fun Fact: Did you know that you should change your tooth brush or tooth brush head every three months. Over time the bristles slowly wear away, meaning that your toothbrush is not able to clean your teeth to its full potential.

Toothpaste: Fluoride is highly recommended by the ADA so any toothpaste with fluoride in it is amazing! If you have sensitive teeth, we also recommend using sensitive tooth paste.

What is fluoride? Why is it important?

Fluoride is a mineral found in foods, water and most toothpastes. Fluoride protects teeth from damage and prevents bacteria eating away the enamel causing tooth decay.

Why is flossing important?

Flossing is important because it ensures that the spaces between your teeth get clean. Flossing cleans where the toothbrush cannot reach.  It also helps to prevent plaque and bacteria build up, which can cause cavities or gum disease. Removing food particles between teeth every day helps prevent cavities, bad breath, and most importantly, gum disease. Food trapped between teeth turns into a breeding ground for bacteria- gross!

Now that I have scheduled a time to see the dentist, do I need to do anything prior to my appointment?

We recommend that new patients arrive 12 minutes early.

What are the benefits of having X-rays done, should I be concerned about the radiation?

Dental X-rays are essential to ensure that the dentist does not miss anything, especially where their naked eyes cannot see. The cavities in between our teeth are usually the most harmful and if they go unnoticed, they can cause damage to the tooth’s nerve which can require further treatment. Fun fact, Dental X-rays rank just above the amount of radiation as eating a banana. You wouldn’t stop eating bananas, would you?

What happens if I have health insurance? Am I able to claim for my treatment?

At our surgery we accept all health funds for our patients convivence. To make it even easy we have a HICAPS machine. This means that we will be able to process your claim instantly so it saves the hassle of having to claim manually with all those receipts. We are also proud preferred BUPA providers.