What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the very last set of teeth that come out around the age of 16-25, some people also call it the third pair of molars. Not everyone develops wisdom teeth, most people that do have wisdom teeth do experience complications with them.

Why Do I Need To Take Out My Wisdom Teeth?

A dentist may recommend taking out your wisdom teeth if:

  • You are having trouble cleaning at the back of the mouth, meaning you may start to develop cavities, gum disease or infection.
  • They are not fully erupted from the gum or bone
  • The wisdom tooth does not have enough room to come out
  • The wisdom tooth is erupting crooked and damaging/ moving surrounding teeth
  • You are experiencing pain
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What Happens During Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Firstly, your dentist will put local anaesthetic in the area that they will be working on. Once the patient is completely numb, the dentist will probe around the wisdom tooth to make sure it is numb. Once the dentist has explained what to expect during the procedure the dentist will start to remove the tooth by using our dental instruments to loosen the tooth, once the tooth is loosened, the dentist will them remove the tooth.

If the tooth is underneath the gum or bone then the dentist may perform a surgical extraction, the dentist may make an opening where the wisdom tooth is and section the tooth. Once the tooth had been sectioned and removed, the dentist may place stiches in the area to help the healing process.

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How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of a wisdom tooth will depend on many factors ,depending on if the tooth is erupted, impacted, fractured or broken.

Your dentist will give you an accurate quote upon examining the tooth.


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